View Full Version : Question about hotels on the trail(is cash an option, or have to have a CC?)

05-09-2015, 22:57

I am wondering if anyone has any idea about hotels in towns off of the AT. Does anyone know if they will accept cash as payment, or if you have to have a credit card? The only card I will have will be one of the preloaded mastercards, they can be used anywhere, it just doesn't have my name on it (just bought it at walmart yesterday).

So basically I am wondering if I am going to be screwed if/when I want to get a room and relax.

Thanks in advance!

05-09-2015, 23:20
cash is always accepted. But how much cash do you want to carry is the question? I mean, do you really want to carry thousands in cash? Carry at the very least an ATM Card so that you can get cash when needed. A preloaded master card will help, accept for the few places that don't accept credit cards. But 95% of restaurants and hostels and hotels WILL take credit cards.

If you are taking a preloaded master card be sure there is enough on it or you at least have a means of recharging it.


05-10-2015, 00:04
for small business every where I've ever been Cash is King

05-10-2015, 01:40
even hotels?


kayak karl
05-10-2015, 05:24
since most of the hotels do not have room service, mini bars, pay movies, etc. , you will not need a card on file.

05-10-2015, 06:16
A CC might be useful in a few situations such as calling and reserving a room, even if you pay with cash when you get there. Useful in situations when bad weather is coming and you and everyone else is looking to get offtrail and into town. Don't know how that would work with not having your name on the card, I would call the issuer and find out how to do that.

The other thing is if you have to order things shipped to you, such as from REI, and need a non-cash method to pay (so enough $$$ on the card). 2x during my thru I needed to replace a piece of gear and needed it ASAP. So instead of the regular send back and then then send the replacement after they got it, I had to buy it first, have them ship it then after I got it place the broken one in the box and return it for a credit.

You will also need a CC/DC to get a permit for the Smokies. Well technically there is a field issues permit that you can get where they will bill you, however to get that you are running the risk of a ticket.

Also I have seen a little breakdown of the Cash is King here and there, not that you can't pay with cash, just that credit had advantaged in some situations (such as running a tab at a bar, not that you can't cash out at the end) and some places would rather not have to handle large amounts of money and also helps verify who is there (something they are legally required to do, not sure of the details but believe it's part of the Patriot act - so bring some ID).