View Full Version : Need Advice on a 5-6 day section hike through Grayson Highlands

05-10-2015, 18:37
I am wanting to hit the trail on May 18th. Can someone let me know of a good starting and stopping point and best way to get back to my vehicle...shuttle? What degree sleeping bag do I need for this time of year? I expect to do about 15 miles a day. Thanks in advance.

05-10-2015, 20:44
Leave your car in Damascus and get a shuttle to either the Mt Rogers HQ building (~65 miles) or the I-81 interchange (~80 miles). Then hike sobo back to your car. Shuttle from one of the outfitters, or contact Lone Wolf here on WB.

Just be aware that the section will be crowded with thru-hikers that week, mostly heading north out of Trail Days in Damascus.