View Full Version : Thru hikers need ride from Harpers Ferry to Trail Days

05-10-2015, 20:39
Greetings wonderful people of WB! I'm currently thru hiking the trail (in Front Royal, VA at the moment) and a fellow hiker and I are looking for a ride down to Trail Days. We're planning on being in Harpers Ferry by Wednesday and would be fine leaving Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday at any time. Of course we would chip in for expenses and make it the most fun road trip ever. I'll also have my thru hiker dog traveling with me, but she's so quiet and well behaved it's almost scary. Seriously, you won't even notice her except to remark on how quiet she is. Thanks in advance!

05-11-2015, 16:20
ill be passing though HF Thursday evening on my way to trail days an can drop you guys back off sunday if you still need a ride ! ill PM my Number

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