View Full Version : LOST DOG $300 REWARD near MAX PATCH

05-13-2015, 20:50
Hi all,

My sister and her boyfriend are on the trail and their dog scampered off the other day near Max Patch close to the water source. We are really desperate for some help. If y'all could keep an eye out for "Uncle Muscles" he's a 30 lb red heeler and is a bit skittish of men, however he loves the ladies. If anyone has a sighting or ANYTHING at all please let me know. You can call / text 231-667-0695 we are offering a $300 REWARD for his safe return.

A few notes: my sister is leaving pieces of their clothing on the trail around the area for smells. He MAY head back to Standing Bear where he spent the night a few nights ago.


05-13-2015, 21:18
Hopefully he has contact info in collar? Wearing pack when ran off?

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05-14-2015, 08:52
kalins, I hope the dog is found quickly. I hope to be in that area in a few weeks, but not soon enough to be of assistance, most likely.

05-14-2015, 15:24
Thx mods for the needed edit! Hope yall find pup soon..

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05-14-2015, 22:05
Don't give up hope. My dog ran off (deer?) two years ago on Sinking Creek Mtn. Then it started to snow. To make a long story short, we miraculously crossed paths the next morning five miles from where I last saw him. During that eternity we hear of so many dog missing for days and weeks who were found. The AT, USNPS and local Virginia communities were wonderful in their support. Best of luck.

05-14-2015, 22:10
Place missing posters liberally and put the info online as many places like this as you can think of. Contact the local humane society as well as missing dog organizations.

The more people who know about the missing dog - the better the odds that he'll make it home.

05-14-2015, 23:06
Craigslist also...i lost my African grey parrot...got him back few days later thx to craigslist....post at shelter books also

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05-17-2015, 22:37
Is this the dog?


05-17-2015, 22:43
thanks to all for the help. Reward is up to $1000 at this point. We are still hopeful he is out there and with another group of hikers! We've canvassed the area- please keep an eye out and send some good energy!