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05-18-2015, 20:13
Hey All,

I really wanted to go hiking last weekend, and the idea of Trail Days just didn't appeal to me anyway, so I hiked the section from Sam's Gap up to 19E. (Thanks again for the shuttle, 10-K!)

The weather was great on Thursday, Friday, and most of Saturday, although there was some wind and drizzle on Saturday while I was hiking over Hump Mountain. My first day out, I hiked over Big Bald, and took in the 360 degree view of the mountains. I pitched my tent that night in Erwin a short distance past the railroad tracks, and heard the trains rumble through all night. They don't blow their whistles right near there, so all I felt was the rumble and hiss of the giant engines, and the squeals of all that steel sliding past. I love that.

Friday, Beauty Spot was the high point, and it lived up to its name. I got to Greasy Creek Gap by late afternoon and it looked like it might rain, so I wandered down to the Greasy Creek Friendly hostel. That was a great place, and there was only one other hiker there, also doing a section. The hostel owner was very friendly, as advertised, and I spent a comfortable night in the bunkhouse. There was a surprising assortment of food available, and it was nice to change things up a bit. Well worth the extra .6 miles to get there from the trail.

Saturday was the day to put up or shut up, as Roan High Knob was on the agenda. I guess that it would have bee much harder a few years ago, before the switchbacks were added above Ash Gap, but it was still pretty strenuous getting to the top. I could still see the old path going straight up the hill, as the new path wove back and for the across it. After dropping into Carver's Gap, I joined quite a few days hikers as we made our way across the Roan Highlands. It was beautiful, seeing the green grass of the mountains sloping off in the distance. As I made my way up Hump Mountain, the gray clouds dropped down, the wind picked up and a steady drizzle began. There was no thunder or lightning, so I felt it was safe to go on. Once over the top and back in the woods the rain had stopped, but things were pretty slippery, and I was glad when I arrived safely at Doll Flats. Now that's a great camping spot!

Sunday, I was up at dawn, and back at my car at 19E before 8AM. I got back home in Ohio before dinner. Gotta say, this was one of the most beautiful sections I've hiked, and I enjoyed the solitude.

Maybe some day I'll do to Trail Days, but I'm happy with what I did this year.

05-18-2015, 21:40
Love that section....it's been my screensaver for few years now!!!!!http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/05/18/a7a3687b84b71deed5be77b9dbd04dd0.jpg

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05-18-2015, 22:50
Thanks for the summary. Most useful. Bookmarked.


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