View Full Version : Trail Maintenance Donation offer for the Holidays

11-14-2005, 18:09
I just got off the phone with the Director of Trail Maintenance at Harpers Ferry and he has assured me that the Donations from these XMAS Ornaments will go directly to Trail Clubs most in need so this years donations will be going to the ATCs Trail maintenance Grants & Clubs Fund.
Last years donations went to Bob Peoples and the Hard Core Hikers!
Here's the XMAS ORNAMENTS and the info on getting them http://fredor111.tripod.com/48d67150.jpg PLEASE NOTE! I RAN OUT OF THESE LAST YEAR SO GET YOURS ASAP
If you have any questions feel free to email me [email protected] or here thru WhiteBlaze and dont forget about the WhiteBlaze Pendants with the Donation offer for this site ,you can see those on the AT Hiker Page at my Website http://Fishinfreds.com
Unfortunetly Ebay wont let me run this donation offer so its up to us here at Whiteblaze.net to show support to the folks who help keep that trail open for us . Thanks and everybody have a great Holiday Season!
Don't worry I've got something planned for Bob and Pat again too ...look for that post (NEW item) later this week ! FaLaLaLaLa...Tis the season ...again!

To all the Thru Hikers I met out there this year:
"May the Magic of the Trail follow you home and wherever you go in life!"