View Full Version : Hey guys, it's been awhile.

05-28-2015, 13:24
Well shortly after my through hike I went and had children. They are 5 and 8 now and totally love the outdoors and hiking and camping. Planning on another thru hike this time NOBO sometime in the next 5-6 years. Hope my body can do as it did when I was 26 and thru hiking.



05-28-2015, 14:46
Welcome back! Don't worry, hiking is pretty much the same as you get older, except you get much more efficient at it. You get just as tired but it takes you a lot less time and miles ;)

05-28-2015, 16:38
Hey 4eyedbuzzard. I def. remember you! How long have you been in TX?

05-28-2015, 16:54
Hey 4eyedbuzzard. I def. remember you! How long have you been in TX?Yeah, I remembered your name as well. I'm almost two years now in TX, northwest Fort Worth area. My employer made me an offer I just couldn't refuse - in a good sense. But I miss the mountains and public lands. TX isn't particularly good for someone who likes to hike. i'm currently back in NH visiting family for Memorial Day week. I still own property up here, so I'm rebuilding the lawn tractor on my vacation :-? :( I SHOULD be hiking! :mad: I plan on doing some hiking on the Ouachita National Trail in OK and AR this summer, and then back here in NH in September and do a short hike on the LT with my daughter.

You'll find that we're missing some of the old gang, for various reasons. Some by choice, others not. But again, welcome back :welcome

05-29-2015, 18:12
As I read through the posts, I can see there are still lots of you here that I remember. I have not/will ever let go of my love for the AT. I learned a lot from getting out and doing it, but I refined what I learned from WB. Raising my children to have the passion for the AT as much as I do would be a blessing. I'm glad they are enjoying hiking, and I am thankful everyday that I can raise a family in Maine. When I AM able to attempt another thru I'll be hitting everybody up just like I did in 2005 hahaha!