View Full Version : Inline filtering vs additional container/bag

05-29-2015, 15:32
I have both a Sawyer squeeze as well as a mini. For my thru hike I will be carrying a hydration bladder a large mouth bottle and a titanium Cup. My question is what would be the pros and cons putting the mini in line in my hydration bladder versus taking the larger Sawyer squeeze and an everknew 1500ml to gravity filter into my bladder?

05-29-2015, 16:17
Either system would see to work fine to me.
Either plan is also viable with the Mini... i.e. even if you want to take the Evernew and gravity feed into the bladder, you can still do that with the Mini, you don't have to take the squeeze.

So another way I would generically phrase your conundrum is should you carry ONLY a dirty water bladder and filter the dirty water "on-demand", or do you carry a clean water bladder AND a dirty water bladder.

Obviously taking along a dirty water bladder is going to add weight. But I see a few benefits of carrying both a clean and dirty bladder:
1. Optional Carry Capacity.
2. Backup... if either bladder fails, you can always use the remaining bladder as the dirty water bladder and filter "on-demand".

05-29-2015, 16:25
Inline is always out for me. I am not a sipper.