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06-03-2015, 12:17
I'm looking to put on trail magic on several weekends this year throughout the AT section of the trail. I thru hiked last year starting April 3rd and know that I wasn't into CT until the 3rd week of July. I'm curious how spread out the hikers are, and if I hike a 10-15 mile section southbound how many hikers I'll run into. Information from current thru hikers or trail angels south of the NY/CT border would be very helpful!


06-03-2015, 23:39
From mid June to August 21 is when about 90% of thrus will pass through CT, in both directions. The stretch where the AT briefly coincides with Rt. 44 in Salisbury might be a good place to do trail magic, if the town is ok with that. Likewise, the parking area about a quarter mile south of the Iron Bridge in Falls Village. The road crossing just west of Bulls Bridge in Kent would be a good place, as would hiker parking about a quarter mile north of the NY line, off Rt. 55.

06-04-2015, 09:52
For what its worth, depending on the size of area needed, the Rt 44 (Salisbury) site may work, but doesn't have a whole lot of room. I would think landowner permission for anything more than parking at that site would be necessary. You may want to consider the Lions Head trailhead parking area on Rt 41 for a bit more space. Depending on the day there may be a lot of section hikers from this point north to Jug End. The Falls Village Iron Bridge may not be allowing pedestrian traffic if repairs have started (supposed to be this summer sometime). Best place would be at the Bridge entry on Dugout Road, if there is room to park. The reroute will take thru hikers from Rt 7 down Rt 128 and north along Dugout Road.

Bulls Bridge road has recently been aggressively posted No Parking along most of the road west of the AT road crossing to just east of the covered bridge. There is a parking area now just off Rt. 7 that is about the only place to park a car. If you are going to be at the crossing, you will likely have to walk in with your goodies. Be sure to go well past the the second bridge crossing to find the AT crossing and avoid the Blue trail and AT intersection just west of the second bridge crossing. Thru hikers are more apt to be there and not mixed in with a whole lot of day hikers.

Other considerations would be Hoyt Road crossing (at the NY/CT border) near the parking area there.

The terminus of River Road in Kent, just north of St Johns Ledges, lots of parking and space to set up there, however a lot of day hikers there as well. North of that terminus is the other terminus of River Road where you can park and walk about a hundred yards or so where the AT moves off the river bank and crosses River road towards Silver Hill Campground.

You can access the AT just north of Pine Swamp shelter from Sharon Mtn Rd (check the map, it could be Easter Mtn Rd) to Pine Swamp Rd. These are gravel roads but there are cars on them frequently. This may be the best place to access the AT where it crosses at Pine Swamp Rd but you may have to park at a turn out about 50 yards to the west.

06-04-2015, 10:27
I believe you can still park along the side road that the AT runs along in Bulls Bridge, but not a great place for trail magic, there are usually caretakers stationed there discouraging certain things (this was done to discourages people coming up from and even buses from NYC area dropping people off to have a day along the river - I suspect this is because a similar river site in the Catskills just ended most of the parking ).

Back on the trail
06-08-2015, 13:15
Just hiked NJ two weeks ago. Headed south bound - passed 25 Thru hikers going north. Thought they were pretty far ahead timing wise. One group was reading a chapter of Harry Potter each night before bed. Met one kid no tent just a trap using a WWII tan ruck sack looking like thing with PUMA sneakers on. All his stuff was seperated in white garbage bags. Wished him luck.

Just Tom
06-08-2015, 13:45
What about parking right on West Cornwall Road (there is space for two or three cars) right where the AT crosses it, about a mile south of the Pine Swamp shelter? Parked there myself over the weekend.

07-16-2015, 01:03
The land on route 44 is owned by the NPS. Since Salisbury is so close to Route 44, it really doesn't seem necessary to put Trail Magic there. I found some Trail Magic that had been out for a week after July 4th recently and it just looks trashy, though thoughtful. Please try to attend your trail magic (most ideal). See this link (http://www.appalachiantrail.org/docs/trail-management-policies/trail-magic-suggestions-2007.pdf?sfvrsn=2) on ATC recommended guidelines. Please do not leave food or trail magic at Bulls Bridge. It is a problem area that volunteers are trying to fix up. Too many city folk come with grills, try to jump off the rocks (trespassing First Light Land), have fires along the river, etc.and the volunteers are trying to make sure folks understand it is a hiking trail only. It is not the place to leave Trail Magic unless you are physically there to tend it. Route 55 is a better option.

07-16-2015, 01:05
That could be a good spot if left attended. Quiet and not close to town/resupply.

07-16-2015, 09:35
on our section hike through CT last year the two places we saw it were just north of the north gate on the river walk - easy for trail angel to park there and walk a cooler up the trail a bit and retrieve it later. and just north of that parking area on w. cornwall road headed to pine swamp.

07-16-2015, 09:48
sorry just north of the south gate, by the big lot.