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06-04-2015, 19:54
Hello! I'll be spending about 6 weeks on the Virginia AT starting in mid-August. I'll be mailing boxes every week of so for pick-up.

From my research, the following post offices look like they would work for me as far as locations and distances between Post Offices. Do folks have any suggestions about these? Are they still active? Any problems with mail drops? Best regards.


Atkins, VA
Pearisburg, VA
Catawba, VA
Montebello, VA
Elkton, VA
Linden, VA

06-04-2015, 20:50
Calling ahead of time to assure they are open is wise since operating hours could be limited at some locations .

06-04-2015, 21:10
Hello! I'm stationed in Australia till I return to the US in August, so I thought I might ask folks thoughts ahead of time since time zone changes make phone calls a little difficult at times. Best regards.


06-05-2015, 07:20
You can check on the USPS site to see the schedules.

Is there a particular reason you need mail drops? There are good grocery store resupply locations at some of those places, and with the others (Elkton, for example), you can easily resupply just before or after. The smaller post offices have VERY limited hours these days, which makes resupply difficult.

If you require specific food types (free range vegan or something) then you can ignore this, but here are some suggestions:

Atkins: take the public transit from the Partnership Shelter to Marion, a large town with lots of grocery stores. This is ~10 miles before Atkins. Also there are two small gas station convenience stores where the trail crosses at Atkins. There is also a Dollar General in Atkins itself.

Pearisburg: good grocery store in town.

Catawba: in the middle of a fairly long stretch between Pearisburg and Daleville, both of which have good resupply. There is a decent convenience store before that, when you come off Dragon's Tooth, I'm sure it's in the guidebook. We had a terrific meal there and got some basic supplies, after that it's only a couple of days to Daleville. Also make sure you to to The Home Place restaurant if you get there on a day they are open.

Montebello: If the Dutch Haus hostel is open this year, it's better to send the drop there. If not, I would hitch into Buena Vista when I crossed Rt 60, and get enough to go to Wayensboro.

Elkton: I'd get enough in Waynesboro to get through Shenandoah, which is easy since there is a lot of food available in the park.

Linden: Front Royal is the larger town and not any farther from the trail. Easy hitch and good resupply.

06-05-2015, 13:49
Front Royal Canoe has camping supplies like fuel and also burgers & ICE CREAM!



06-07-2015, 16:05
Thank you!


07-06-2015, 12:06
Are you using the AT Guide as a reference? In Glascow, VA @ US 501 you can have your maildrop brought to you for small fee or be picked up and stay at a KOA in town and catch a shower/get your mail.

07-06-2015, 12:17
Depending on your mileage, I wouldn't bother with Catawba. Maybe check into using Four Pines Hostel or heading on to Daleville and picking up a drop at Outdoor Trails or the HoJo.