View Full Version : New blanket supports Mid State Trail

06-06-2015, 13:47
Woolrich has issued a Made in USA blanket celebrating and benefiting Mid State Trail, PA's longest and wildest footpath: http://www.woolrich.com/woolrich/details/mid-state-trail-blanket/_/R-92476

The blanket is approximately 1 m x 1.5 m, so more of a couch throw than a king size bed covering. Think of it as ultralight, or as allowing room also to display your regard for one or more of the other three routes in their Trail Blanket Series.

More explanation if this link works:

Rolls Kanardly
06-07-2015, 13:13
A three by five aprox. THis is not a purchase, this is a very expensive donation.

06-15-2015, 09:53
I bought one of these things at the Woolrich Store (in Woolrich, not the one in Soho) and posted photos to the MST Facebook group. The bag says the size is 117 x 152 cm - or in "outdated colonial units" it's 46" x 60" so slightly larger than the web link said.