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06-07-2015, 16:30
1st I currently have a tyvek ground sheet,and TBH,Im not a big fan.Perhaps I need to wash it/wear it more?Make it softer,,etc as this is my first experience with it,but overall,I prefer a simple "painters tarp"...
Anywho,the question is in regards to a TYVEK like product called Rex synfelt.My father in-law is a contractor and when I asked about spare TYVEK earlier today he said that "this stuff was better" (But he isnt a backpacker and is 70 years old) and gave me about 20 feet of it....So does anyone have any experience with this stuff,in construction or as a ground tarp?
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Mountain Bluebird
06-07-2015, 19:48
Go to the manufacturer's website and read all about it with respect to "applications," which will give you some insight into its behavior/abilities, as well as what it isn't designed to do. Then go to "specifications" for more about vapor passage, etc.

This is the best way. Why? Recently, on this site there was a discussion about Tyvek as a groundcloth--which side up/which side down/does it make a difference? And some responded that one side--the print side--should go down. Read like they knew something.... However, the Tyvek website says CLEARLY that for building applications, it DOESN'T MATTER. The material passes vapor/blocks wind the same way from either side. Which, if you think that physics governs, makes sense.

By comparing such information on the two materials, you might be able to determine for yourself that one is/is not better than the other.

Happy researching!

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Five Tango
06-08-2015, 19:52
FWIW,I washed my tyvek ground sheet several times and it is softer and much "quieter" than it was.Next step is some permethrin treatment.......

06-09-2015, 05:06
I don't know, but would be surprised if Tyvek "took" permetrin treatment.

06-09-2015, 06:31

Five Tango
06-09-2015, 09:10
I don't know, but would be surprised if Tyvek "took" permetrin treatment.
True,I have wondered if it would.Since I add soap as a surfactant to my Roundup and lawn pesticides I am thinking about adding a little soap and spraying that mixture onto the sheet and let it dry in the sun with the idea that the soap my help it adhere to the Tyvek.Anyone tried that?