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06-09-2015, 11:08
Has anyone removed the "brain" from an Osprey Talon 44? On my last 3 trips, I have found that I have so much room in the pack body, that the brain ends up just being a floppy, unneeded pack section. I am pretty sure it's removable, but just wondered what people do after they remove it...it's a drawstring instead of a roll top underneath the brain, and I am worried about rain getting in the pack easily through the hole. I guess that's what pack covers are for, eh? lol

06-09-2015, 11:15
Without seeing it... what about removing it (scissors or seam-ripper) and sewing on a piece of silnylon in its place. That will provide a light weight rain-proof flap to cover the cinch-hole. You could get creative and sew on an entire pack cover serves as the "lid" but unrolls further to cover the entire pack.

06-09-2015, 11:16
I've removed the brain from an Atmos which has the same drawstring closure you're talking about on the Talon.

Rain getting in through the top opening was never an issue. I actually had more problems with the pack getting wet by wicking action. The place where the bottom of the pack below the airspeed netting contacts my back would wick water on a rainy day until the pack was actually dripping water into the pack cover. It took several rainy days to figure this out because it was hard for me to believe.

I eventually switched to using a backpacker's poncho that covers the pack and me together and eliminated the source of the water entry and my packs have stayed much drier since. I'm also happier because I generally find pack covers to be a big PITA to deal with. (Not that arranging your own poncho over the top of a fully laden pack isn't a PITA; it's just one that I'm ok with because of the superior results.)

06-09-2015, 11:32
Thanks guys!

Dave, it is removable without even having to destroy anything. And I bet it weighs at least 8 oz. If I remove it, the pack will be right at, or just below 2lbs!

Walkintom, yeah, I haven't had anything get wet from the wicking, but I definitely generate a lot of sweat between my back and the pack, even if it's not hot out.

06-09-2015, 11:39
I removed my brain long ago... and I took the one off my Aether as well. I cut off all the strap attachments that held the brain on. It is just dead weight. The last thing that goes in my pack is my Packa. It comes out if there is a threat of rain. Everything else is in a huge trash bag like most people do. Water is not an issue.