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06-12-2015, 10:38
DOODS. So I'm investing in a new tent for my PCT thru, and I've narrowed it down to the tarptents, and from there FINALLY to the stratospire. My question is: stratospire 1 or 2? I definitely want a spacious tent that will feel roomy with my pack inside, and a tent that has the option of fitting another person comfortably enough with packs in the vestibule. Would the s1 be kind of cramped with 2? Is it worth going for the 2? (I don't care about the extra 10 ounces) Has anyone carried an s1 and used it for two people for more than a couple nights in a row?

Thanks y'all :banana

06-12-2015, 11:04
I have a 2 for me and my wife. We fit comfortably inside with both our packs at our feet. A solo backpacker that goes with us occasionally liked ours so much that he ordered the 1 for himself, and he loves it. I suspect the 2 would be way more than you need, and the 1 would be plenty spacious. Of course, it all depends on how often you need to sleep 2. If quite often, you could go ahead and get the 2.

Just an aside, I read an interview with Henry, and he said the Stratospire was his favorite design.

Sarcasm the elf
06-12-2015, 13:05
I own a Double rainbow, not a stratosphere, but I had a hard time deciding between the 1 person rainbow of the 2 person double rainbow. To your question, I have found that the additioal space and second vestibule was well worth the few extra ounces and I'm very glad I bought the two person model.

Just Tom
06-12-2015, 13:42
I thought even the Stratospire 1 has two vestibules?

06-12-2015, 18:51
Hi Tom,
Tough question because it has to do with how you perceive space.
Both SS shelters are of the +1 type, meaning the 1 can take 2 people and the 2 can take 3 but just.
So if you think 1 extra person will only happen rarely, I would suggest the 1 , if say the second person is every few nights , get the 2.
The usable room in the 2 vestibules of both shelters is about the same because the SS1 ones are slightly deeper but the SS2 pitches a bit higher.
I have used the SS2 on several occasion just for myself because it is still light enough and packs pretty small too.

06-12-2015, 20:37
In the 2, I cannot zip the vestibules shut without at least partially exiting the tent. It's a huge tent, even for two people.

The 1 does indeed have two vestibules.

06-12-2015, 23:47
Thanks Franco, I was hoping you'd pop up on here! The only reason I was really considering the 2 (because the 1 is probably perfect for me) is that I'll be biking to the trailhead with a friend for 6 weeks, and she and I'd share my tent along the way.

Most important question: We're both small/short females, so I was wondering how comfortably we'd fit together for that long a period of time. I'd be solo for almost all of the PCT, though.

So my situation is that I need a new tent for the PCT, AND I need to have a two person tent for this wonderfully epic bike trip and my 2p tents are all terrible, and I'm hoping to get a tent that works for both trips. And since I have a fair few people who want to join me for a few short sections along the way, maybe the 2 is best. I feel like it'll be too spacious when I'm alone though, and it'll feel cavernous. I like high tent roofs, but I like the coziness of not too much space... (See how picky I am?!? Geez...) I'm definitely going stratospire though. I might just flip a coin to choose s1 or s2...