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06-12-2015, 13:07
Hi All,
I was given a portable power bank to use on my up coming thru. Brand is Hottips.
I charged it up...the charging light (red) went away meaning it's fully charged.

Can someone tell me how to use this device now from here?
Because I intentionally ran my Android phone power down to 14% so I could test the PB. I plugged USB into the bank and micro-usb into phone and I don't see my battery icon charging...you know the load bars running through the battery icon?

So either I don't understand how to use it or maybe the unit is no good...she said it was, but admitted she never needed to use it.

Can you folks help me out?

Thanks in advance!

Rocket Jones
06-12-2015, 13:14
Google is your friend.

06-12-2015, 13:41
Check for a button on the battery pack, you may need to hold it in a bit to have it start charging (this is to prevent it accidentally being bumped on)

06-13-2015, 09:41
it is possible that your battery pack does not charge android phones. some seem to only charge iphones. if your phone doesn't have a replaceable battery, I think the battery chargers can be very helpful. you might look into the Anker brand chargers.