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06-12-2015, 18:24
Hi all,
I will be hiking roughly 500 miles solo from late July to early October. Which 500-mile section would be most worth while for a solo hiker for this time of the year? This is my first time hiking the AT and I would really appreciate opinions from other hikers that have done the AT before. Thanks so much guys!

Lone Wolf
06-12-2015, 18:29
inn at the long trail, vermont to maine

06-12-2015, 20:16
I think I agree with LW that is a nice chunk of hiking at just about the perfect time of year.

06-12-2015, 22:22
New England is great in the late summer/early fall, but might be a bit much for a first time AT hiker and the logistics of the White Mountains complicate things. With out knowing the OP's level of experience, fitness and finances (It can be expensive to hike in New England), I'd be hesitant to recommend coming up here.

But where to go instead? I'd say start at the MA/VT line (which is reasonably easy to get to by bus) and head south. One advantage to doing this is you wouldn't have to worry about cold weather gear like you would heading into Maine in September. You could start out with light summer gear and keep it the whole way south. In 2+ months you could probably cover a lot more then 500 miles too. Probably well into Virginia, where it would also be reasonably easy to get back home to Ohio when you run out of time. A lot easier then somewhere in the middle of Maine.