View Full Version : Backcountry spots south of Pinnacles to Skyland?

06-12-2015, 19:16
Hi - I'm planning a hike around July 4th weekend. Parking at Pinnacles Picnic and heading south towards Swift Run Gap. I'll be getting at Pinnacles in the late afternoon. I've been in the area before but I can't remember, are there good backcountry camping around Pinnacles? I'm aware of backcountry requirements and will abide by them, but I could've sworn there was a great space just south of Pinnacles? Can anybody confirm? Are there any other great spaces South of Pinnacles up to Skyland? Will be getting late in the day so I'll only be able to hike for an hour or two. Thank you!

06-12-2015, 19:18
Sorry - not sure what happened to the format of the post - hopefully it can be read. I'm using my iPad. Thanks!