View Full Version : Seeking advice on Rocky Mountain Nat. Park

August W.
06-12-2015, 20:24
A friend and I are going to be in Colorado mid/late July and would like some advice on where to backpack in Rocky Mountain National Park. It's looking like we'll only have 3 days 2 nights in the park and will probably spend the better part of the first or last day tooling around Trail Ridge Road IF we can drag ourselves away from the backcountry. That said we would like to have a campsite within 5-ish miles of the vehicle if possible so we can spend more time exploring without carrying all the gear. Hoping to camp close to a lake around or a little above tree-line. Beautiful, gullible trout would be a bonus but aren't a prerequisite. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Lion Lakes area looks incredible, but would love to hear from someone with experience in the park. I know we need to snag some permits pretty quick.