View Full Version : July 5 Start-Harpers Ferry SOBO/Florida Trail Thru-Hike - Looking for Hiking Partner

06-12-2015, 22:21
Hey all you guys and ghouls! Name's Fyre. A pleasure I'm sure. Such a great forum you good folks have here, really impressed with the set-up.

So, after much malay and discourse I am at long last ready to set out on the journey that will come to redefine my life path (pun intended) and get me refocused on the important things. I've in too many big cities for too long, and it kills me this is the case, especially because my heart has always been in nature and wilderness.

Anyway, to keep a long story short, I'm taking a train out to Harpers Ferry on the 1st and then am going to be on my way down the trail. I've done a good bit of hiking in my day but never have I attempted a two thousand mile jaunt. Should be interesting. I know I won't be able to finish the AT until next season when I come back up to WV to head north to Maine, but that's okay by me because I've wanted to conquer the Florida trail for so long now, that it's high time to scratch that itch.

I'm leaving on the 5th after enjoying the historic holiday in such a historical locale, and ai would like to formally invite any hikers that are open, available and willing onnthatbdate to join me! Of course you can just come down to Georgia and be on your way if you're not up for going out to Pensacola for the 2nd leg of this monster, but either way, some starting company would be nice, and making friends is one of my favorite elements of long-distance hiking second only to the complete isolation that deep wilderness alone is able to afford.

Well I guess that's it! Anyone who is interested in linking up next month and starting off together can reach me at vtruebelieverv at yahoo, and here's to a happy, healthy, safe hike for all!