View Full Version : Water Report Request: Watauga Dam to Damascus

06-14-2015, 17:50
Going to be on this section next weekend and wanting to know if anyone knows how the water is flowing.

06-14-2015, 17:55
I meant to put Wilbur. Dam.

06-14-2015, 21:49
I went through that section @ three weeks ago. The area for 18 miles north from the Dam has very iffy water. Some spots are bone dry, others have a trickle. The problem is that any general statement of conditions is bound to be wrong - on the day I went through wither a source was dry or not seemed to depend on the time of day - a SOBO swore a source was good but by the time I got there half a day later there wasn't even a trickle.

Load up before you do the section and keep more water on you than you normally would. Know that it's a coin toss if any particular source will be good.

Later on I encountered a trail maintainer who said Vandeventer Shelters source rarely goes dry. It is down a long and steep spur trail so I did not check that one out myself, but I was told it was dry by multiple people.

Just be careful and you will be fine.