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11-17-2005, 14:52
1st a question ; What = being a Hardcore Hiker ? Overnighters,weekend or month hikes,6 month hikes or long walks around the block,being a Trail Maintenance Worker ,Trail angels !!!! Just curious as to your answers .
Me ....I think anyone who plans,researches,and attempts a hike like the AT (whethor they make it or not ) are the right breed

Now the SERIOUS stuff...
Since I 've put the XMAS Ornaments donations going directly to the ATC this year fredor111.tripod.com/48d67150.jpg (http://fredor111.tripod.com/48d67150.jpg) and this will be the 3rd year running that Ive donated to the Hard Core Hikers and BOB PEOPLES at KINCORA HOSTEL in Tn. I designed a new sticker for this years "Xmas Gift" from "Appriciative" HIKERS! I've put these http://fredor111.tripod.com/4938220.jpg on EBAY (Look under Appalachian Trail or Fishinfred2 and if you could add the link here I'd appriciate that )to make it easier for some people (but can't mention the Donation offer on there ) and you can still email me direct .SO IF YOU KNOW A HARDCORE HIKER and WANT TO CONTRIBUTE and GET A COOL STICKER do it now! I will be sending the card with everyones names & cash on Dec 20th so BOB and PAT PEOPLES will recieve it in time for XMAS . $2 bucks from ea. STICKER will be contributed :banana . Thank you and if you're interested in any other STICKERS and other "Hiker Stuff" be sure to check my other items on Ebay(Fishinfred2) or on my website http://Fishinfreds.com HAPPY TRAILS "Wherever they may be" !

Almost There
11-17-2005, 15:02
Hey Fred, just bought some stickers from you on ebay! Actually only paid for the boot sticker that says AT Hiker. You threw in like 3 others. Plan on using it for a tattoo template. Great sticker! Thanks. Also quick question have you had Mountain Crossings sell your stickers in the past?

11-17-2005, 21:06
FF, you did me right too! All those folks yall fed, all that you do for the trail community, THANK YOU!!:clap

11-17-2005, 22:38
My girl's ordering me a bunch of stuff from you FF, so thanks! They'll make happy Christmas presents for me. :)

11-18-2005, 17:44
I met a hiker named "Hardcore" on the Long Trail this fall. He told me he got his trailname when he started his thru-hike of the AT in January and kept going no matter how bad the snow was in the smokies. Nice guy

11-19-2005, 00:41
To answer your question FF, anyone who gets out on the trail on a regular basis, IMO. I know dayhikers who are hardcore, they get out 3,4,5 times a week. Trail maintanence can be, but for me, just a couple of months in the early summer- when everything grows like crazy.

11-20-2005, 18:35
Thanks you guys! I'm going to throw in another request here ... Is there anyone who has been involved with the Hardcore Hikers/Kincora after Trail Days who could enlighten us all on how GREAT Bob Peoples has been for the Trail and for us Hikers.I beleve there were 81 people (my hats off to all of you!) who were involved in some pretty impressive Trail Maintenence this year .I'd love to hear about it and any other good storys about Kincora .
Looking forward to your posts and your HardCore Hiker Sticker purchases.This is the only time you can get these unless you get one from Bob while helping out with Hardcore.Thanks again to all who DO!

11-21-2005, 18:08
How much are the Hardcore Stikers FF?

11-21-2005, 18:29
Ea. Sticker is $1.99 + S/H which is $1.99 for the first , .99 for Multiple purchases .$2 will go to "The Peoples" and the other $2 bucks will go towards the other stickers & "STUFF" I will be sending along with the $$$ & Card with everyones Names .Thanks for asking ,I hadnt realized there was no price on the post here ....sorry about that . Don't forget the Xmas Ornaments for the ATC's Trail Maintenance fund for Trail Clubs! Check out the website Ive got alot of new STUFF going on there http://Fishinfreds.com
Y'all have a GREAT Thanksgiving!