View Full Version : thank you trail angels of 2015 you are great

06-17-2015, 16:23
to all the trail angels of 2015... thank you.
On Sunday it was 90 degrees in New York and if it was not for the water that was left at the road side crossing by Susan and hiker man, Sunday would have been a very difficult day indeed.

So to all the trail angels and people who provide trail magic thank you. We the hikers really appreciate your efforts..

Springbok and kitty

06-25-2015, 13:06
You are all welcome. Glad to give back to the trail. I was actually meaning to put up this picture from 06/10/15 at 55/Linden in VA. We brought water, Gatorade, soda, beer, apples, bananas, oranges, a vegetable platter, chips, and assorted chocolate.

Mongoose and Hercules (my brother, who is thru hiking this year) in the front, Irobe One (sp?) and Hootie on the right, and I can't remember the hiker's name facing the other way in the back (sorry!). The dog is Studlintsean's Pit, Bronx. We saw about 12 thru hikers that day between 11 and 4.


06-25-2015, 13:41
That's a good looking dog...