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06-18-2015, 04:12
I have an MSR hyperflow that I have had for a few years. Works well for me as long as I backflush every 6 liters or so. "Learned that the hard way" I see alot of people are using Sawyer filters now. What is the benefit of the Sawyer filter. Am I missing something that is better and just haven't realized.

06-18-2015, 05:53
They back flush much more easily! I threw my hyperflow in the trash. It was the most frustrating thing in the world.- just couldn't get it to back flush. I even took it back to REI and they couldn't get it to back flush (they also didn't know how to do it). I watched a you tube, and still it didn't work in the field. The sawyer mini is SO very easy. I just put it in-line with my platty and off I go.

06-18-2015, 07:33
Main reason for the Sawyer seems to be the weight without a, or too much of a, usability penalty.

06-18-2015, 08:16
Ah, the Hyperflow... I actually still use mine for shorter trips when my wife is with me, when freshly back-flushed it works great, fastest, easiest pump I've ever used and it weighs "only" 7 ounces. Much faster (but 4 ounces heavier) than the Sawyer squeeze, literally 15 seconds per liter or so.

As has already been said, the backflush procedure is horrible. I manage to do it OK when at home, but in the field, fugedaboudid! My wife and I, however, managed to get about 7 days of use between backflushes on the JMT a few years ago, but the water sources were pristine.

For the most part I've switched to Aqua Mira when fairly clear water sources are available (like the AT or JMT), but use the Sawyer Squeeze for most Colorado trips. I use the Sawyer mini when alone, the regular squeeze when with my wife or another person.

The Cleaner
06-18-2015, 08:49
I've used my Hyperflow for about 4 years and just recently got a new filter cartridge.The main reason I like it is it's great prefilter and ability to suck water from very shallow pipeless springs.Also the owner at MRO in Damascus said it was one of the best ones on the market but must be carefully backflushed.....

Dobie Swift
06-18-2015, 08:53
The Hyperflow is hands down the WORST piece of gear I ever purchased. I tried 3 different cartridges for it and all three have the same story: diminishing returns. They work great when they are new, a little less after the first backflush, a lot less after each subsequent backflush.

06-18-2015, 08:58
Definitely a Love-Hate piece of gear!!!!!

06-18-2015, 09:30
Conceptually, the MSR Hyperflow and Sawyer Squeeze/Mini use the same technology to filter the water (porous hollow fibers). The obvious biggest difference is that the hyperflow filter is enclosed within a pump, but with the Sawyer, you have to find a way to fill a bag/bottle first (simple if you have falling water, requires something for dipping for shallow water).

Given the complaints people have for the Hyperflow with back-flushing, Sawyer seems to have found a better way to implement the technology.

I personally use the Sawyer Mini as a gravity filter.

06-18-2015, 14:13
I must say, the first time I used it I toasted a filter pretty quick due to infrequent backflushkng. Since I have started backflushing every 6th liter it has been just fine. It was a learning curve to figure it out though. I will pick up a sawyer and try it out. Who knows, maybe I will switch.

06-18-2015, 14:55
i have a hyperflow that ive had since they first came out...

got it to correctly backflush exactly once....

after that, cant get it to do it...

so, i picked up a ten pack of filters..........and just change the filter every spring...

i have enough to last another 8 years and after that, ill probably switch to the sawyer or something else that...

also, there was a thread on here back in may about using adapters and a garden hose to backflush the hyperflow filter...

ive bought the parts, but just havent had time to get them all connected to do the backflush......

06-18-2015, 15:38
...so, i picked up a ten pack of filters..........and just change the filter every spring...
..... at $40 apiece! $400 worth of filters? Yikes....

06-18-2015, 15:40
The Hyperflow should actually be named Hypersuck.... :)

06-18-2015, 15:56
at $40 apiece! $400 worth of filters? Yikes....

No......80 bucks for ten shipped to my door....

06-18-2015, 15:58
No......80 bucks for ten shipped to my door....Yeah. right.

06-18-2015, 20:38
Yeah. right.

Dead serious.....

found a wholesaler via the interweb and got them 10 for 80 bucks shipped to my door...

did this like 3 or 4 years ago.........

06-18-2015, 20:57
If you remember the site. Do share.