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06-19-2015, 12:44
A friend and I have some time off in late July and want to tackle a 7-10 day section of the AT in New England. We are both in good shape and have some backpacking experience (but all on shorter trips of 3-4 days max). Any suggestions for the best sections? Right now I am considering something in the Whites in NH (incl the Presidentials though I hear it can be crowded) or Maine. The 100 Mile Wildnerness may be a stretch for our experience and time available but that's definitely on the bucket list. I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

bonus if there's a section where another friend could join us in the middle for a few days on a weekend. and easy logistics would be a plus given our limited time remaining to plan.

06-19-2015, 13:58
Hey bsmith, I'm from Arlo, Virginia as well.

I found this site for the Whites that list shelters by mile marker. Looks like the full section is considered 120 miles. Double check the permit availability for your dates, I'm not sure if those permits might be filling up soon. Also they looked surprisingly expensive : (1 shelter was $70 a night, Woah!). Whites have plenty of road intercepts so very easy for a friend to join you.

100 mile wilderness, sounds like it would be harder for your friend to join midway (?) You may want to double check on the right time of year to avoid mosquitos and black flies. I understand they're two different seasons. Andy Skurka recommended heavy fleece shirts to ward off the mosquito bites up there. They're quite bad : )

Also would really appreciate if you posted your trip report after. These two sections are on my bucket list!

06-19-2015, 13:59

Link mentioned above

06-19-2015, 16:45
Pinkham Notch to Grafton Notch, Grafton Notch to Stratton, Stratton to Monson, or Monson to Baxter Peak.

06-19-2015, 18:12
It is crowded in the whites, shelters and campsites will be full and logistics from Crawford Notch to Pinkham can be a PITA. Forget open fires and weather can be a issue. Grafton Notch in Maine to wherever you end up (probably Saddleback) get less use and is some nice but challenging territory.