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06-22-2015, 12:22
Heading out in a few days to section hike sobo from rt52 Stormville to the southern end of Canopus Lake (end of section 6) which is in fahnstock sp. anyone know the deal with parking in fahnstock for section hikers? there's a big P on the map there, and i know there's a general campground there. Can I park there at noon on a saturday and pick it up later afternoon sunday say before 4 with no fees or restrictions? is there parking fees/ a gate that has certain hours? also, anyone know of shuttle outfit in the area, or if the cabs are reliable? would love to just bring one car.

Thanks in advance! Now that CT is done, back to work on NY!

06-22-2015, 16:27
There is roadside parking by the lake (no gates, no fee) – we’ve parked there for the day, but I don’t remember anything that would prevent you for leaving a vehicle overnight.
We’ve always done hikes that loop back, so no idea on the shuttle/cab situation.

We also did a section that crossed 52, but don’t remember much. The parking site indicates 3-4 cars there, so that could easily be full should you use a 2nd vehicle.

Rain Man
06-23-2015, 08:43
I just hiked that section about 3 weeks ago. We parked at the park official parking lot, across from the park office. No gate. There was a $4/day fee. It's an easy mile road walk to the AT crossing at the southern end of Canopus Lake. There are two "pull-offs" at the AT crossing, one on either side of Hwy 301, with room for several cars to park. I don't recall any parking/no parking signs, so can't help with that.

Why not go to the horse's mouth? Call the park office.

06-23-2015, 12:34
Will do, thanks! Trying to decide between RPH and Shenandoah tenting area. The Privy at the shelter has us leaning in that direction, but it could get crazy there as the bubble is beginning to move through, and be noisy by the road. Though maybe thats the fun of it - and we order a pizza?!

06-23-2015, 20:08

Here's trail map in pdf format:

Please note that I've added just a FEW more photos in the last four years, so the link in the post won't be much help.
Here's the highlights of those:


06-24-2015, 07:14
Thanks!!! very helpful info guys. Now can you send me good weather? :)

06-26-2015, 18:47
wow - weather's lookin pretty sketchy tomorrow night and sunday am. having the luxury of being section hikers, thinking of just day-hiking section 5 tomorrow sobo from rt 52 down to the taconic pkwy crossing after hosner mtn. anyone know if there's a parking area there for day hikers or at hortontown road a tiny bit farther south by RPH?

06-26-2015, 19:31
dont get me wrong - we've spent some very long days and nights in bad weather on multi-day trips, but this time we can really do it any which way we want, so i'm going to play it safe. 38 mile and hour winds and 2 inches of rain isn't something we HAVE to endure this particular time lol

06-26-2015, 20:11
Don't repeat my experience!!


06-28-2015, 10:22
wow that's quite a story!

here's a recap of our adventure yesterday - wish we hadn't paid any attention to the weather idiots though! https://happyonthetrails.wordpress.com/2015/06/28/appalachian-trail-ny-section-5/