View Full Version : ASAP! Where's the NOBO bubble now?

06-24-2015, 11:43
I'm headed to the Shenandoah/Maryland area this week and thought I'd take the opportunity to set up a hiker assistance/aid/amusement station one day. I figure there's a good amount of hikers between Shenandoah and Harper's Ferry. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Also, any suggestions where I might set up the station and be able to car camp would be helpful. Thanks! Chef

06-24-2015, 13:04
There is no bubble, their spread out all over the place. I guess the bulk of them are in PA by now. One of the TJ I've been following had her at #738 or something like that at Harpers Ferry the other day.

There are a number of road crossings between Front Royal and HF. Look at a map and pick one. Your bound to have some hikers pass by but I wouldn't expect a really big crowd.

Odd Man Out
06-24-2015, 14:31
According to Map Man's article:


based on historical trends, half of successful thru hikers get to the PA/NJ border (DWG) by June 29 (4 days from now).

06-24-2015, 16:00
Very helpful, thanks for your responses and input! I reckon I can head N of Harpers Ferry and maybe I'll see a few more.

06-25-2015, 20:27
I'm halfway between Boiling Springs and Duncannon currently so I suggest somewhere north of there ;)