View Full Version : Stoic gear and clothing

06-25-2015, 17:06
Does anyone have experience using Stoic gear or clothing, and have an informed opinion to share? I see it on Steep and Cheap quite often (including now) but have not used it or heard any feedback about it.


06-25-2015, 17:09
I have a fair amount of Stoic merino wool shirts and base layers and they've all held up well.

Unless I'm mistaken, Stoic is Backcountry.com's brand. The reason you see it on Steep and Cheap is because one of them owns the other - I believe Backcountry.com owns S&C. You could probably google it.

06-25-2015, 19:46
It's good to go in my book. Had a couple items of clothing (including a high-end fill down jacket), and a sleeping pad. Nicely made, good weight, held up just fine, and all at a good price.

06-25-2015, 20:00
I have Vamp 30 sleeping bag by them and no complaints here.

06-25-2015, 23:31
I used the stoic vamp 15 quite a bit & through the 100MW. Worked great for the budget I was on at the time.