View Full Version : Anti-shock poles for setting up tarp shelters?

06-27-2015, 16:14
I have the poles I want in mind, but I don't have any experience hiking with them. I am currently in the process of making my tarp shelter for the PCT which I will need poles for, but I have concerns: Will every-night use of anti-shock poles to set up a tarp wear out the shocks (I do understand I won't be using them every single night due to cowboy camping)? My instinct is to just go without shocks, but I don't want to not have them and then wish I had them on the PCT. Any suggestions or experiences?

06-27-2015, 16:24
I use anti-shock poles from Mountain Smith. I've used them with a Lightheart Solo, and now currently use them to prop up one side of the tarp over my hammock. I have never had an issue with the poles wearing out from such use. I do not think there has been any sort of real compression in their use as tent/tarp poles that would come close to wearing out the anti-shock poles.

06-27-2015, 17:49
"Anti-shock" just mean they have a little bit of "give" in them. My Leki's compress about 1/4" when pushed on real hard. This is not a factor at all when used as tent supports.

I do have to take my poles apart periodically to fix the anti-shock part due to normal trail use.

06-27-2015, 17:57
I'd have no expectation that using an anti shock pole for tent setup would place nearly the stress on the pole that regular usage does so I would expect you to be good.