View Full Version : Lost Dog Backpack with dog tags

06-28-2015, 15:06
On June 21 Jumper was hiking SOBO on the AT in Maine w/his owner when he suddenly bolted about 100 yards into the Stratton trailhead on Route 27. Thankfully, he was found 5 days later! Pheww. His backpack wasn't on him when he was found & through talking w/his owner @ dinner last night, I learned that Eric had served 6 yrs in the USAF & just completed his service a few months ago. He had his dog tags tightly secured on his best friend's pack so chances are they're still on it. Since the dog was found near the trailhead I suspect he probably stayed in the general area. Here's his picture again so you can see the pack. If anyone stumbles across it while hiking please pm me. Wouldn't it be great to return dog tags to someone who served our country for 6 yrs?