View Full Version : USPS priority mail forwarding

06-29-2015, 07:32
I often read about how hikers using bounce boxes can use USPS forwarding to bounce boxes for free to the next town if they don't need the box in the current town. This can save some money when it works well. However, know that the forwarded boxes appear to NOT inherit the expeditious treatment normally given to priority mail boxes and that the USPS can sometimes get confused regarding the package destination. Eventually I have always received forwarded USPS boxes but sometimes it takes a very long time. Typically the PO gets confused at sorting facilities and reroutes the box to its original destination. See the attached screen shot for an example of one of my packages enjoying its second cross country flight due to such confusion. Eventually it will get back to me but the box may enjoy several more round trips. The record that I saw on another box was three round trips between sorting locations before someone figured it out.

So so to make a long story short, if you are using free USPS forwarding for a bounce box, consider paying new postage and using a fresh box if time is important!