View Full Version : Auvi-Q vs. Epi-Pen

06-29-2015, 16:58
Due to a severe yellow jacket allergy, I need to carry two Epi-Pen auto injectors in my pack which are actually kind of heavy. Does anyone have experience with Auvi-Q injectors? How much do they weigh?


Just Tom
06-29-2015, 17:05
They are certainly smaller in size, I haven't weighed them yet. I'd say they are a bit lighter, I'll try to weigh them both when I get home. The added benefit is that they are usable by someone else if you are incapacitated since it will "speak" the directions on how to use it. Get a medical ID bracelet though so people know why you are lying there unresponsive.

life scout
07-04-2015, 22:15
Yellow jackets were bad on the AT in Georgia Last week. I think everyone in our group got hit at least once.