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06-29-2015, 23:02
I found a 50% off sale for the Smartwool 150 crew long sleeve shirt that I favor as a hiking and sleep/camp layer for three season conditions. At $40 it is a good deal and they actually have attractive colors in both medium and large. It is rare to find Smartwool shirts at this price in common sizes and reasonable colors so I thought I'd post the link.


06-29-2015, 23:49
Thanks, it's a good find if you're a Smartwool person. Personally, I find comparable Terramar products as good, if not better and with regular and sale prices much less than Smartwool, a much better value. To each their own.

10-07-2015, 00:17
I prefer the icebreaker everyday line...order a size larger than normal. Can be found for $35 or so.

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