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07-04-2015, 19:43
Anybody out there have any experience or advice about renting gear from "lower gear .com" out of Tucson? I'm going to hike the Mass section of the trail in August. My first time doing such a thing. Don't want to invest in any equipment until I know for sure if I will really be into it. If not, lower gear , any other places or suggestions. Thanks.

07-04-2015, 19:48
Never rented from them. You may also want to call the REI in Tucson and see if they do rentals.

If for no other reason than to have a price comparison.

07-04-2015, 19:52
I almost rented a SPOT device from Lower Gear in 2013. I went with a cheaper provider instead. They seemed responsive when I had questions but I have no experience with them beyond that.

07-04-2015, 21:21
Several options come to mind here and the first one has been mentioned already ;

* While REI has discontinued rentals at the store near me they may still do rentals in another state. ( To be honest, their gear rental options were very limited to say the least ).

* With REI rather liberal policy on returns , simply take back gear you're not happy with after a pre hike shakedown.

* Another Rental Outfitter out of Colorado, www.mountainsidegearrental.com/Scout_Adventurer.html (http://www.mountainsidegearrental.com/Scout_Adventurer.html) is also one to look into..

07-05-2015, 06:46
Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) rents gear (tents, packs, bags, etc), there should be a few locations near you that you can call or visit. It will be good, solid gear, not the heaviest stuff but not the lightest either. That would probably be your best option, especially if you are unfamiliar with tents and how they set up.

07-05-2015, 08:05
One other place to look...your nearest independent outfitter. The one in my small town actually has a few of the basics (tent,pack, bags,etc.) for rent. It's actually good for business,,,,it allows people get out and try things without a large initial investment.