View Full Version : Trail magic in VT at Gifford woods

07-06-2015, 22:48
I will be camping in Gifford woods Vermont August 23-25 for the EORA outdoors show. While I am there I intend to provide a hot meal and maybe a cold beer for any thru hikers that I run into while not at the show. If you know anyone that will be passing thru Gifford woods let them know there will be trail magic. More info how to locate me as time gets closer.


07-22-2015, 15:36
Update. Will be right off the trail, if the the yellow/gold ford fiesta is there, im there and plenty of food will be with me. Probably hotdogs, homemade pasta/potato salad, and maybe if i can get the wifey to bake some cookies or brownies... open to other suggestions!!!