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07-14-2015, 17:02
Hi everyone,
I recently got married and my new wife is excited to try some of my pastimes. She grew up camping, and we have gone a few times, but she is very interested in stepping up to backpacking. I was lucky enough to get 4 days off for Columbus day this fall and am hoping to find a decent loop trail in the new England area to take her on. Does anyone have suggestions?

We are both active and hike a bit together. Based on our day hikes I figure we can cover 10-15 miles a day without too much trouble.


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07-14-2015, 17:11
It does not get much better than the Pemi Loop starting at Lincoln Woods. This is not a novice walk though. How fit and able are you guys?

07-14-2015, 18:05
Most of our fitness/training has been relegated to on road travel (running/cycling) lately as I was training for a cycling event. But we set this as a goal so I'm trying to find a loop that we can get ourselves ready for in the 2 1/2-3 months we have. Starting with several white mountains hikes next week on my days off. Hopefully that will give us a benchmark as to where we are at physically when there is no pavement to make it easy on us

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Sarcasm the elf
07-14-2015, 18:25
If you're looking for something close to home. The A.T. And Mohawk trail in Connecticut form a 36 mile loop. The mohawk trail is actually an old section of the A.T. Prior to a reroute back in the '70's or '80's. You do need a permit to camp overnight on the mohawk trail, but it's a free permit that you just have to mail a letter to the CT DEEP to request.

Here's a lengthy discussion from a couple of years back when some of us did a group hike on the trail:

07-14-2015, 18:27
I second STE's suggestions about a first hike in CT. I haven't done the Mohawk myself but it's a pretty cool experience from what I've heard.

I'd plan on the lower end of the 10-15 mpd estimate, though. You can certainly PM me for the reasons why and maybe we can discuss them in person since I live in your town!


07-14-2015, 19:24
To be honest I've never really thought of staying in CT for a trip. But that looks like a good one and spares me the longer drive. I've hiked Mohawk and been involved in searches up there, the terrain shouldn't be too bad for us even in our current "urban" condition.

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07-14-2015, 19:30
Grafton Notch Loop trail. Part of it is concurrent with the AT, it crosses a 4k'er and is in a beautiful part of the state.

Feral Bill
07-14-2015, 21:14
Harriman St. Park has endless loop possibilities. It's not far from you, either.