View Full Version : Opportunity for right person

07-25-2015, 15:23
I have a 3 bdrm cabin approximately 1 mile from the AT near Bland VA that I recently built and intended to use as the first part of a hostel complex for those hiking the trail. It is 80% complete and would make someone or some couple a nice home. It is currently in need of some plumbing and winterization, but otherwise complete. I would like to find someone or some couple that has thru-hiked or has hiked long sections of the trail, interested in occupying it and helping finish it for rent. I would also like for this person (s) to help me design and finish the hostel portion, give support to those on the trail and work with the local community to help strengthen the community/hiker relationship. With that said, I am open to any honest, forthright and hardworking AT person or persons that would be interested in just such a challenge and opportunity. weeksb@bellsouth.net

07-25-2015, 15:51
Sounds like a dream job. I'm busy or I'd be interested.