View Full Version : Deadender hiker cyber non thru hike

07-25-2015, 18:32
Today I have reached my Katahdin. After walking and hiking for a while, I started keeping track of mileage in January 2013. In 2013 I hiked 1171 miles, 804 in 2014 and 215 so far this year; work, life, some illness and injury have kept me from doing what I want with my time. Thatís 2190 miles and applied to the AT NOBO, thatís Katahdin. In no way am I equating it to a real thru hike, it did take me two and a half years, so Iím just a deadender non thru hiker. Keeping track, checking the Companion, Guide and maps helped learned things about the trail. Iíd check trail journals to read about what people were doing where I Ďwasí at the time. Now Iím turning around and heading SOBO. I may finish again before I really start the trail.