View Full Version : First overbite planned

07-27-2015, 23:53
This weekend I will be making my first overnight trip.

I will be staying local and hiking a nice smooth flat trail but I am hoping the 2 night 20 mile hike will give me a good idea of how my gear will feel and how I actually hold up to long hikes.

I am leaving the tent set up but that will be the only piece of gear I won't be taking.

Few other little things to get still but very excited to be moving in the right direction.

Mountain Wildman
07-28-2015, 00:05
Good luck to you!!
I just did an overnighter and it was far from flat. I learned that my pack was too heavy at 38 lbs. and have dumped 10 pounds bringing it to 28 lbs. with 4 days of food and 2 liters of water.
you will most likely get a good feel for what you do or don't need to carry.
Happy hiking!!

Gambit McCrae
07-28-2015, 08:15
you will most likely get a good feel for what you do or don't need to carry.

This takes most many years to fine tune and I would say unless you only own exactly 1 of every item you need, it is on going.

I have 3-4 tents, 4-5 sleeping pads, 3-4 backpacks. 3-4 pads...so I can always be packing a little differently depending on the season.

I would ask though why no shelter? Are you sure that the shelter you are staying at wont be full?

07-28-2015, 08:16
Have fun man, nothing beats time in the woods.

07-28-2015, 11:28
I am leaving it set up at camp lol... I am going to be hiking out half the distance I want to travel and then hiking back to camp later that day so I won't have to carry the tent with me

07-28-2015, 15:10
I remember my first over bite, I was goin' hog wild on some jersey corn (silver queen) and damn near bit my bottom lip off it was so good.

07-28-2015, 18:06
Haha I didn't even notice that I typed that until I read your post lol