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07-28-2015, 13:24
hello, do any of you have any experience with Zimmerbuilt packs? I have been emailing him and have come up with my dream pack as far as design, fabric, weight,size, pocket location and all of that. i was just wondering if any of you have experience with his packs? i am about to pull the trigger come Aug. 1st. for my 1st custom pack. i cant freaking wait! If any of you have one of his packs and wished you had done something different with the design I would sure like to hear about it. Thanks!


Just Bill
07-28-2015, 16:09
You'll find more reviews of Chris at Backpacking Light. Never personally used him.

The only "complaint" I've ever heard is more of a caution; know what you're ordering. He can only go so far with what YOU give him, so make sure your ideas and measurements are as good as you can first. The more prepared you are, the happier you will be.