View Full Version : Day Hike around Watagua Lake Area

07-29-2015, 12:46
I would like to take my 11y/o grandson for a day hike on the AT in the area around Watagua Lake this weekend. any suggestions out there?

Gambit McCrae
07-29-2015, 12:56
There is a great view at vandeventer shelter of the lake. Park at Wilber dam rd and go nobo on the trail I think its ab0ut 5.5-6 miles there mostly up hill, then return to car. The walk from the south trail section of watuaga around to Wilbur dam rd is nice too

The Solemates
07-29-2015, 13:03
go just a little south and park at carvers gap. hike grassy ridge, overmountain, and the humps. most scenic place in the area.

Gambit McCrae
07-29-2015, 13:17
Although not Watauga lake area I agree, go to Carvers gap

07-29-2015, 14:30
Thanks... the main reason I picked Watagua lake area is my daughter and her family just moved to Butler and im going for a weekend visit and was looking for a cool hike to do with my grandson. How far is it ro Roan Mtn (Carvers Gap) from Butler?

Gambit McCrae
07-29-2015, 14:56
52 miles and worth it. If i lived 52 miles from roan i would be hiking it every weekend