View Full Version : Buchanan/ Peaks of Otter lodging?

07-30-2015, 13:34
Alright, planning my fall section hike from US 60/Buena Vista to Catawba. Planning 9 days the 98 miles but would like a town stop resupply somewhere in the middle. Glasgow is the trip's 2nd day and Daleville/Troutville are the 7th day (too long). So are hereany good options for resupply and hotel @ US220 or is Va 614 Jennings Creek a better stop?

07-30-2015, 23:33
US 220 is Daleville, so I think that is a mis-type in your question.

The Va. 614 crossing (Jennings Creek at Panther Ford) has Middle Creek Campground trail-east (about 1.5 miles; short distance on Va. 614, then turn left onto Middle Creek Road) and the Wattsull Inn trail-west (about 4.0 miles where Va. 614 meets I-81). Middle Creek Campground would still be camping, but they do have showers and a small store. I would call for availability, although they should be open since fall is a big tourism time in western Virginia. Wattsull Inn, from what I have heard from people who have stayed there, is a typical, clean motel with a small restaurant and a gas station across the road. Neither option is a true town stop, but might fit the bill.

The Town of Buchanan is located about 4.0 miles trail-west of the Va. 43 crossing (Bearwallow Gap). There might be a B&B in town, but there are no motels or hotels (the closest is ironically the Wattsull Inn above). There are a couple of eating options, and, while there is no true grocery store, there is a Family Dollar with some re-supply potential on the south edge of town. If you are there on a weekend, you could catch a movie at the Buchanan Theater.

If you are up for a little off-AT adventure, the Peaks of Otter has a lodge, restaurant, and camp store (but more souvenirs and not re-supply). You could just walk the Parkway from Cornelius Creek Shelter to the Peaks then pick up the AT again at Bearwallow Gap. You could actually add a spectacular element by linking together some fire roads and NPS trails. PM me if you like that option as it is too much to type out in this post.

About the only other option is the Town of Bedford, which is about 13 miles trail-east from Bearwallow Gap or 9 miles east of the Peaks of Otter. It has motels, restaurants, and even the National D-Day Monument, but would obviously be a logistical challenge with its distance from the AT.

If you have any questions about the area, let me know. That is my hiking back yard, and almost literally my back yard close to Troutville!