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08-03-2015, 02:29
Hello all!

I'm arriving in Lynchburg on August 9, and was wondering what the best way to get to the trail was. If anyone has experience with shuttles, cabs, or if there are any Trail Angels who are willing to help a newcomer out.

Any and all advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


08-03-2015, 09:05
One option that you could accomplish using only public transportation and walking is as follows: take the Smartway Bus from the Lynchburg AMTRAK station to downtown Roanoke (cost $4.00, reservation recommended), take Valley Metro Route 25 as far north as you could along Plantation Road, then walk about five miles to the trails at Carvin's Cove. Those trails link up to the AT between Lamberts Meadow Shelter and Hay Rock. And, even if you wanted to get a shuttle / cab / trail angel from Roanoke to the AT, it would only be about 11 miles to the US 220 crossing or 13 miles to the Va. 311 crossing versus 25 between Lynchburg and the AT at Snowden (US 501 / Va. 130 crossing).

Deer Hunter
08-03-2015, 19:10
Where do you want to get on the AT or does it matter? What time do you expect to arrive?

08-03-2015, 22:49
Nowhere in particular. My schedule is such that I can start just about anywhere from the Lynchburg area. I arrive at Lynchburg Regional Airport at about 10:45 am on the 9th.

Deer Hunter
08-04-2015, 09:25
I believe I can help you out. Where the AT crosses 501(James River, Snowden) would be on my way back home but I would be willing to drop you off somewhere else if desired.

08-04-2015, 15:05
That would be perfect! I'd be in your debt!

Deer Hunter
08-04-2015, 15:14
Will send pm with phone #.