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08-10-2015, 18:01
I'm planning on attempting a thru in March of 2016. I need to get my clothing in order to be prepared to deal with the elements. From socks to hats

08-13-2015, 15:58
I started in March and ended up taking way too many clothes. I had no prior experience and formed my own list studying others.
For me to be safe/comfortable I would carry
1 set wool/syn base layers
3 pairs of wool socks
Rain jacket
Nylon pants
Wool/syn T shirt
Fleece jacket and cap
2 pair syn underwear

I had a 15f syn bag starting out
I sent home my down jacket, extra set of base layer, rain pants, fleece gloves and wool balaclava. Although my hands did get cold a few times.

Eventually switched to shorts and a 30f down bag.

There seemed to be a lot of room for error starting the trail out. Outfitters will gladly sell you equipment.

Feral Bill
08-13-2015, 16:07
You don't need to spend a fortune on clothes. I recently bought an army surplus ECW fleece jacket that i recommend highly. Costco has good wool gloves, cheap. Thrift stores are another good option. Put the money you save into a better sleeping bag, shelter, etc.

08-14-2015, 01:40
Keep it coming. I'm a big Under Armor fan but I know there have been lots of advances in clothing so thats what I'm looking for. Doesn't have to be the most expensive, just quality gear that will get me through the AT

Gambit McCrae
08-14-2015, 08:10
I'm a diehard for the term "ya get what ya pay for", I like to buy once and be done with it.
If you want to buy some ones used and half worn out clothing by all means but If your attempting to walk 2000 miles, your going to wear clothes out, and why not buy new to keep from having to replace more often.

With Backpacking Gear/ Clothes You have 3 counterparts that all fight against each other:

Its hard to get all three where you want them
If something is really light-its not going to be durable and its gunna be expensive and so on so on.
If something is heavy, its going to be cheap and durable.. blah blah blah

I think it is quite entertaining to see how much of the backpacking population are genuinely cheap lol - and due to them being cheap, I would like to see where all the folks are at that are buying expensive gear sold by most camping companies.

Best thing to do is buy synthetics and wool- at a camping store-some athletic articles can be purchased at an athletic store like dunhams(shirts shorts etc)

Just Bill
08-14-2015, 10:50
Patagonia's seasonal 50% off sale is on now.

I wait until these sales and buy their stuff at half off, which is still pricy, but worth it IMO.

A cap 2 zip up, merino 1 crew, and a Houdini wind shell will get you pretty far in life.
Add a cap 4 top and/or a Nano-puff jacket and Cap 1 bottoms and you're pretty well ready to rock year round.

If you have good stuff, you need very little of it. 2-3 tops and one good bottom will get you covered for most conditions on the trail.

I like ex-officio give n go briefs and Darn tough socks.
A cap 4 beanie is my typical hat.
Buff, bandana, gloves, balaclava will round things out pretty well.
I hike in a homemade skirt, so no pants needed. But a wind pant, like the Montbell, does the job for most- few need rain pants and find a wind pant plenty.

08-14-2015, 20:53
I guess the computer age has taken over my vocabulary...

When I saw the title "Need Some New Threads," I assumed you wanted more discussion topics on Whiteblaze. There's threads and there's threads.:o