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08-12-2015, 23:23
I've never been to Cloudland SP. I want to take two aspiring hikers who are my nephews 12 and 13 yrs old. They are just beginning hikers so I want to keep the mileage/day nominal but offer some physical and mental challenge as they are very competitive souls. They are both in great shape being athletes. Looking for some more private nice back country camping areas/campsite recs that would be scenically entertaining where we can have a small campfire. I'm thinking something near a water source, stream or a place with a nearby overlook. I don't want our camping experience to include camping within RV generator sounds, tennis courts, golf ranges, campground general stores, etc. Planning on this trip sometime in mid-late Sept. Any recs or suggestions would be appreciated from those in the know who have hiked and camped there maybe with kids themselves.

08-12-2015, 23:24
That's Cloudland Canyon SP in northwest GA.

Mule Team
08-12-2015, 23:56
Cloudland canyon is a gorgeous state park and you will be very pleased with the scenery. I have camped in the walk in campground and it is very spacious and private. Some sites are more remote than others so take advantage of the ones further away from the parking area. Be aware September can be a very busy time at the park with the leaf change. Make reservations a sap! I have hiked the rim trail and down to the waterfall and but there are lesser used trails that hike down in the valley. Best bet is call and talk to a ranger so they can steer you in the best direction. Have a wonderful time.

08-13-2015, 00:17
I agree, the backcountry camping is nice. There are 11 spots if I remember correctly. The permit only Bear Creek trail is nice. You'll need to get the permit from the ranger office the day of.

With the kids, it'd be nice to do the rim trail and see the falls on one day, camp and relax. Then do the Bear Creek trail the next day.

I was very impressed with how clean the park was, how beautiful the park was, and how quiet the campsites were in the backcountry site.

We stayed in site #8. Had a great setup for hammock. Plenty of tent space of course.

Maybe we just got lucky, but, if ya'll go- hope you have an equally great time.


08-13-2015, 00:29
Thx everyone. CJ, that's the itinerary I was considering. You nailed it too CJ in that I was considering letting the boys use hammock set-ups. Any other CS appropriate for canmpfires, hanging?

08-13-2015, 00:49
When you pull up to the parking area at the backcountry camping area, they have a board there where you'll hang your pass on the numbered slot. There are 11 slots, and the people who got there before you will have already hung their pass, so you'll just select a number that is open.

We initially chose #9 I believe. We walked in about 10 minutes to #9 and it was nice but not ideal for a hammock. So, we backtracked and took a peek at #8 (which I knew was open per the board). #8 was much better for a hammock, so I walked back to the board and moved our pass from #9 to #8.

Those are the only two sites I got a good look at. #9 could have worked...it's just that #8 was much better. #8 probably could have had 3 hammocks if needed.

I was a little worried hammocks would not be allowed. But, the first thing you see when you walk in to the ranger office is a huge ENO display and loads of hammocks for sale :-)

The sites were nice. There is a fire ring and a picnic table. Oh, and pit toilets.

There is no water however, but that was not a problem. We just carried it in...very short trip from the parking area to the sites.

We arrived Friday evening. During check-in, I asked for a permit for the Bear Creek Trail, and could not receive one. Was told it had to be day of. So, Saturday morning we made the quick drive back to the ranger station for the permit. I thought that was strange, but it is what it is. That trail was nice. There is about a half mile or so of it that crosses private land, thus the need for the permit. Thanks to the landowner and the Park for making that trail happen.