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08-15-2015, 12:59
I'm planning a 4 day hike from Iron Mountain Gap north of Erwin, TN to Hampton, TN. I would like to explore the option of simply carrying two days of food and resupplying near US 19E.

Is this easy to do from here or would I need to hitch/ hike/ plan a shuttle from the trailhead? If so, I'll just carry all of my food and hike on.

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08-15-2015, 13:35
Mail it to mountain harbor, and spend night there. I dont know their policy, but most places will hold packages for paying guests. They are 100 yds from the trail at 19e. Dont miss their breakfast

Historically, locals in that area didnt like hikers due to emminent domain land issues. Dont know how it is today. Still not a good place to leave car, but at least no reports of fish hooks hung at eye level on trail anymore. Some years ago people were nervous even hiking thru that area.( mostly for no reason) You can hit up people around mountain harbor to snag a ride to town too.

Shooting Star
08-16-2015, 11:53
1+ on mailing stuff to Mountain Harbor. I have not been through there in a few years,
but in the past they had comfortable hiker accommodations in the barn, have provided
shuttle services and serve an amazing breakfast. Call them up and see what they can
provide. They are located less than 1/2 mile downhill from the AT crossing on 19E. There
are markets within about 3-4 miles of the trail crossing on either side so you'd probably
need to hitch to them. If you decide to do this, get some current info on who is open and
business hours.

Regarding the reputation of the area for being hostile to hikers, I have not had problems
on my trips in the area in the last decade. The area has developed more of a tourist and
mountain cabin economy and local folk seem to have moved on from past attitudes.

Does anyone have any recent bad experiences with the locals they'd want to share?

- SS

08-16-2015, 12:53
I havent read of any issues in a few years. Quite opposite, when people had run-ins they found people very nice.

It appears mountain harbor has a hiker store now. Enough for a couple days.

08-17-2015, 01:01
I plan to be at 19E after a short 13 mile day. I'll call ahead and see what they stock and what their hours are on Sundays. Worst case scenario I pick up some cold beverages and some extra snacks.

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08-17-2015, 04:53
As Muddy said, this spring Mountain Harbour added a "general store" to the barn where the hostel is. I would think that that should provide enough food to get to Hampton. They are very friendly and accommodating folks. If they don't have what you want you can always get a ride to the Dollar General in the town of Roan Mountain.

I've have had a couple of pickup trucks cross the rumble strips and attempt to "buzz" me while walking on the road from the trailhead down to Mountain Harbour so I try to walk as far away from traffic as possible. I haven't heard of any other issues regarding local hostilities but the Buck Mountain Rd and graveyard area does creep me out when I hike through there. The trailhead is still not a good area to leave a car.

Tennessee Viking
08-17-2015, 08:17
IMG to 19E will probably be 2 days.

Concur on Mountain Harbour at 19E.

There is a Dollar General, gas stations, a small market, and a handful restaurants (Subway/Bob's/BBQ/Pizza) in the town of Roan Mtn. Others hikers have been known to walk across into Elk Park NC and go to the gas stations and some small road side produce stands. About 3 miles

There is a little hostel around Walnut Mtn Road. But its more rustic ammenities and not sure of shuttles into town.