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08-16-2015, 13:00
Back in May I meet a couple of thru hikers who were using plastic 750 ml whiskey bottles for water bottles. The advantage of using these instead of 20 oz soda bottles is that the liquor bottles are flat rectangles and fit into a packs side pockets a bit better.

Plus you can have fun with other hikers by adding iced tea mix to the water and making it look like whiskey. Guzzle half a bottle and watch the reactions :)

08-16-2015, 13:06
Hmm. I'll have to try both the whiskey and using the bottle for hiking (but not at the same time).

08-16-2015, 14:15
LoL! My luck, I'd try the iced-tea routine and get jumped for being, "What's wrong with the trail today!" :clap

But I love the flat bottle idea. Certainly would help save some real estate in the pack I'm hoping to use.

08-16-2015, 20:09
If you are not into the whiskey there is an easy alternative.

In the grocery store under the brand name Naked they sell smoothie drinks that come in square plastic bottles. 1 liter and they are kind of skinny and tall. They are 3 inch by 3 inch by 7 inch to the shoulder (total 9 inch tall to cap).

I can fit 2 of them into the water bottle pockets on my pack. Sweet!

And just like gatorade bottle you can pick up new ones whenever you resupply have a smoothie and you have a new water bottle.

08-16-2015, 21:29
Been using plastic whiskey bottles for years. They're especially good for day hiking where you may want to cary in your pants pockets or a small fanny pack where they fit much better than round or square bottles. They are a bit small when drinking a lot of water. I don't think the flat flask shaped bottles are 750 ml though are they? . . . They are actually the pints at either 473 ml or 500 ml depending on the bottle. 750 ml is what we often think of as a fifth and is the standard round or square bottle, not a big advantage over more common round or square "disposable" water bottles . . . except for attitude, of course.

08-17-2015, 11:25
375 ml bottles are more common and are a bit small, but 750 ml bottles are available. The one I use had "Black Velvet", a blended Canadian whiskey in it. Not a great whiskey, but cheap.

08-17-2015, 11:40
Interesting and logical. I had toyed with the idea of using them as a fuel bottle because of their shape and size. Eventually, I decided to not reinvent the wheel and just use the container that was designed for the yellow HEET. I currently use Peak Iced Tea bottles because of the deep grooves at the bottom and near the top. They make attaching them to the front of your pack via shock cord a very convenient and secure option.

Just Bill
08-17-2015, 12:13
Captain Morgan was the most common supplier of the 750ml bottles in that shape. Haven't looked in some time personally though.

IIRC- the captain weighed in the 3-4 oz range, whereas a 1L smartwater or 750ML with sportcap weigh a bit over an ounce.
As I had no real need for that shape I stopped using it... but if the shape is a big appeal, you and the captain make it happen.
Bolthouse farms makes a 1qt squarish bottle that is about an ounce as well if you prefer square pegs in your round holes. The slight taper to them makes them very easy to slip in and out of side pockets.

A platy without a hose is about 3 ounces, and the evernew soft flasks in 900ml will give you the shape for less money and about half the weight-

To BB's thoughts- The vitamin water or gatorade bottles in 20oz seem to be the most popular shoulder carry choice if using the shockcord trick...
and if you need a flask no point reinventing the wheel, plenty of plastic bottles in the 300-500ml size (pint) at yer local imbibery store.

08-17-2015, 12:44
To BB's thoughts- The vitamin water or gatorade bottles in 20oz seem to be the most popular shoulder carry choice if using the shockcord trick....

There are many good reasons why the bottles you list are the most popular. Those that use them are fully aware of those reasons. I have had a few that use them inquire about my choice. It is not as common a bottle as the most popular choices. The deep grooves make them slightly more secure than the most popular choices. I also prefer them because they hold a little less than the most popular choices.

08-17-2015, 21:06
Another option is to use "Fred" water bottles Same flat shape comes in 13, 20 and 33 oz bottles. They also have a line of stainless steel bottles available.
Check it out..... http://www.fredwater.com/filled-bottles/33-8oz-case-of-12#.VdKERbJViko

08-18-2015, 01:15
I usually carry Fred water bottles, not sure why.

08-18-2015, 12:34
Another option for a "flat" bottles are Listerine bottles, although I'm not fond of the child proof caps.