View Full Version : Love of nature, Genetic or Taught?

Trail Dog
01-21-2003, 17:32
The post about minorities on the trails showed some of us believe that the lack of such is due not to it being an issue of race but being an issue of city/urban life.

I have heard numerous times that a fondness for nature is genetic, I've heard people say its in our blood (which amounts to the same thing) but I am sure if someone took a look at not only AT hikers but outdoor enthusiasts in general, or even people active in activities involving some sort of endurance/physical activity that the majority of those taking part in such are likely not to be from big city centers, high or upper income families or even the other extreme of lower income and inner city people.

any thoughts?

Blue Jay
01-21-2003, 18:53
Again I would never tell anyone what to discuss in this forum, however this discussion is starting to sound KKKish. To say a nonwhite person may not be geneticly disposed to love nature is pushing it hard. After listening to hikers for years and reading posts that say it is OK to stop thruhikers from other countries by supporting 30 day limits on Visas. In now firmly believe the main reason you don't see nonwhites on the Trail is very real racism.

01-22-2003, 02:55
As DesCartes pointed out, "I think therefore I am" this is a conclusion any life form with a nervous system can come up with. Beyond that, everything we know(think we know) is learned through sensory input. If you don't believe that spend some time in a sensory deprivation tank. Therefore most of what we consider "pleasureable" is learned. At the same time racial behavior can be explained by how an individual identifies with there ancestral heritage. Individuals relate to whichever part of there ancestral heritage coincides the closest to what they enjoy most. Since all human races started outside, not in skyscrapers, we can all feel the call of the wilderness. (not to mention caucasians spend a lot more time paving over things than anyone else out there, obviously being caucasian has nothing to do with love of the forest.)

01-22-2003, 11:52
I have an easy thought to this since others such as Blue Jay are talking KKK and stuff. I think Blue Jay may have misunderstood the topic or something. I think the love of nature with this topic is about is something taught by those around us I personally would rather be in the woods than be around some of the idiots in the real world that get offended at every little thing. I like solitude peace and quiet. I was taught by my father and friends to get out side I never sat for hours playing video games I was outside playing with friends, being in scouts. If I wasn't outdoors I was reading about it, or planing my next venture to get out there.


"In our world so much has been over thought that common sense has left us it has been replaced with mandatory diversity, lawsuits over hot coffee, and kids getting fat from Mcdonalds."

01-22-2003, 18:17
if its genetic i must be adopted. although if its learned i still dont really know, i sorta taught myself more than being taught by others, i think its just experiance. inner city kids arnt going to get an opportunity to experiance the outdoors like a suburban or rural child will. ofcourse that dosnt mean that anyone from the city is going to avoid the outdoors, it just means that they retain predujices against being in nature from television and others around them. im sure there are many people on this forum who grew up not thinking about hiking or the outdoors at all but then were introduced by some friend and discovered its wonder. i dont really think it has to do with genetics, i think everyone loves nature at some level, they just forget.