View Full Version : Stormbreak 1

08-22-2015, 08:52
Anybody have one? Good or bad.

08-22-2015, 09:28
Never used one. Looks like any one of a thousand one-person cross-poll self-standing tents. Functional, inexpensive, reasonably weather resistant, kinda claustrophobic with the narrow top. At 3.5 lbs for a one-person tent it's significantly heavier than most ultralight two-person tents, but significantly less expensive. It's still lighter and very slightly less expensive than REI's Passage-1, albeit, a bit more cramped.

Personally, if I were on a budget, oh, which I am reminded regularly that I am, I'd learn to pitch a tarp well and skip the inexpensive one-person tent. Why sleep in a stuffy, cramped, narrow, heavy shelter when for less than 1/2 the weight and 1/2 the price you can live under a palatial open-air tarp?

08-24-2015, 00:27
Cause bugs.

10-30-2015, 10:56
Bought one and used on an AT section hike early Oct. Very well made, small packable size. I felt like the tent would be very good in stormy weather due to it's construction and set up. Looking to cut the weight in half.I will keep it to give to my son, he can haul more weight than I want to. Weighed on postal scales trail weight is 4lb 2 oz.