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08-24-2015, 13:59
I'm going to trek from Amicalola to Tesnatee in mid-September. I have a history with bears (http://kleinfelter.com/content/my-bear-story). In my experience, bears are more fearless with a solo hiker than with a group. I'll be camping mid-week in September, so I may be the only person at the site.

I'm definitely using a bear canister and I'll probably hang my pack, just in case they recognize a pack as a food source in the absence of smell.

I know this section of the trail has frequent bear encounters. I can deal with persistent bears. I can't deal with aggressive bears. (They can rattle the hanging pole all night long. I just don't want them joining me in my tent/shelter.)

If I use the bear poles at shelters and I do a proper PCT hang (4-inch branch diameter, pack 10+ feet up, no dive-bomb from above branches, no adjacent branches), what can I expect from bears on this section? Any recent reports of bears in shelters/tents along this section?

08-24-2015, 20:54
All the shelters in this section have good bear cables. You are not required to have a bear canister in this section in Sept (it is required from Jarrard Gap to Neels in the spring only) but if you are comfortable with it, go ahead. I have one and use it sometimes in this section to frustrate mice more than bear.

The section from Neels on to Tesnatee has been having a good many bear issues the past couple years. It's the only place I've had a bear come repeatedly into camp (after it fed off the neighboring scouts yogurt all night) and that was at Wolf Laurel Top just before you get to Tesnatee. He came back at breakfast and was hard to run off...little fella but still pretty confident of himself. Don't let them worry you, it's a great section.

09-01-2015, 00:37
My grandparents live right off the trail near this area and have bears come through their backyard and even climb their porch banisters. However once we bang some pots or yell at them they leave. You should be okay. I've done hikes by myself through this section since I was in middle school and it's safe, especially if you take those necessary precautions like you're planning to do.

Uncle Joe
09-11-2015, 16:17
FWIW, I was at Swaim Gap and the folks in the camp area just North of us had a bear visit them. He went up a tree, though, and appeared to have a healthy amount of fear of humans.

Gambit McCrae
09-11-2015, 16:21
There are bears. Its Ga, in the woods, on the trail.

Gambit McCrae
09-11-2015, 16:22
There are bears. Its Ga, in the woods, on the trail.

09-11-2015, 20:16
If u are worried about bears, u have two choices:
Get over it
Or stay home

Being worried or scared out there, regardless of reason or from what, totally ruins it.

Accept you actually COULD die from any of dozens of reasons, including a bear. Then go hike . what will be, will be, nothing you can do about it. So dont worry.

09-11-2015, 20:56
If you are truly bothered by the thought of bears you should wait until Oct 17th to start your hike. I can guarantee you that bears have no interest in being near a human that time of year. Oh, and if you should wait until that time please wear some blaze orange.