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11-27-2005, 14:56
Grey Knob Shelter is actually a four season shelter operated by the Randolph Mountain Club. It is about 1 mile off the AT on the North side of MT Adams. It is sheltered in the woods near treeline with no views but the views getting there are great. There is a caretaker year round that collects $8 per night. There is a gas stove availlable for hiker use. Dependent upon the caretakers mood it can sleep 20. It is first come first serve and tends to be full on weekends. There is an adjacent shelter, Crag camp nearby that is very similiar but has incredible views. Due to the elevation loss, distance from the trail and the nearby Madison Hut about 1 mile north on the AT. this normally wouldnt be used by thruhikers unless the weather was bad or the hiker needed assistance. It is a great place for winter hiking and is the highest staffed cabin in the whites

neighbor dave
11-27-2005, 15:18
check out their site! you might be able to be a caretaker there iffin youz likes to!!
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Sleepy the Arab
11-27-2005, 20:02
I know it's a long walk off the AT, but some hikers have walked further for less. The RMC huts Gray Knob and Crag Camp are both well worth a side trip. Besides, you get to thumb your nose at the AMC from across the ravine for a ten spot.